Produced by Katrine Strøm / Katma. 
Simone Grøtte participated as a dancer in the production.

Usynlig is a visual and auditory journey written and produced for the library of Tromsø. The audience, equipped with headphones, are guided by a voice that leads them through a journey of texts, sounds and visual scenes. 

Characters are starting to disappear from the books in the library and the audience is invited to participate in solving this mystery. Why are they disappearing? How can we get them back? 


Concept / story: Katrine Strøm
Composer: Maja Bugge
Costume: Ingunn Sønsteby
Sound design: Alexander Rydland Hansen
Performers: Anders Gaarder Karterudseter, Gerd Kaisa Vorren, Maria Henriette Nygård / Simone Grøtte
Young performers: Mette Spjelkavik Enoksen, Nikoline Spjelkavik, Anne Maia Raanes Sørensen, Pauline Amalie Pettersen, Tonje Charlotte Sigvaldsen
Mask: Ole Elias Høve