Virginia og julenissen

Produced by Hålogaland Teater, 2014.
Simone Grøtte has contributed with the choreography of this production.

The story is about eight-year-old Virginia who is looking for answers to one of life’s biggest questions; whether or not Santa Clause exits. Her friends doubt the existence of flying reindeer and other magical events associated with Christmas, and the adults offer evasive answers to this perpetually relevant question. Virginia’s Papa claims that whatever is printed the newspaper is true. So Virginia sends a letter to the local paper, asking if they can answer her question. Does Santa Clause exist? The answer she receives transforms an entire city and a whole country.


Concept / director: Katrine Strøm
Composer: Lars Bremnes
Set design / costumes: Ingunn Sønsteby
Choreography: Simone Grøtte
Performers: Lille Hålogaland Teater